Error on Plone - Upgrade 4 => 5


anyone knows what is it? I'm trying to find something about it in google, but i failed.
Any help is welcome


Site Error

An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

Sorry, a site error occurred.
Traceback (innermost last):

Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 249, in publish_module_standard
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 191, in publish
Module zope.event, line 31, in notify
Module zope.component.event, line 24, in dispatch
Module zope.component._api, line 136, in subscribers
Module zope.component.registry, line 321, in subscribers
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 585, in subscribers
Module plone.transformchain.zpublisher, line 113, in applyTransformOnFailure
Module plone.transformchain.zpublisher, line 85, in applyTransformOnSuccess
Module plone.transformchain.zpublisher, line 60, in applyTransform
Module zope.component._api, line 172, in queryUtility
Module zope.component.registry, line 163, in queryUtility
Module ZODB.Connection, line 860, in setstate
Module ZODB.Connection, line 914, in _setstate
Module ZODB.serialize, line 613, in setGhostState
Module zope.component.persistentregistry, line 40, in setstate
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 91, in _createLookup
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 439, in init
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 476, in init_extendors
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 480, in add_extendor
AttributeError: type object 'IDraftStorage' has no attribute 'iro'

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Try adding this product to your buildout:


i will try.



I found this issue yesterday while trying to upgrade the site of one of our customers to the latest version of collective.cover.

the origin of the problem is the hard dependency on that was removed during the development of 2.0 without giving a proper warning on the changelog:

after looking at this I noticed that the recommended version for collective.cover has been = 1.0.2 for a while:

obviously I made a mistake by not pinning in my buildout configuration, but now that is tested in production the wrong way, I'm going to update the requirements on collective.cover's documentation.