Error message trying to change footer

i have got a critical issue on my website, trying to change the customization of footer this happened: AttributeError("'TTWViewTemplateRenderer' object has no attribute 'update'",) (Also, the following error occurred while attempting to render the standard error message, please see the event log for full details: 'TTWViewTemplateRenderer' object has no attribute 'update')
Can´t do anything!

As I mentioned in Gitter, these customizations done through the web are quite problematic. They take a Python browser view and try to run the Python code using Restricted Python. The only such customizations that are safe to do through the web are ones that do not call Python code.

In your case you should go to the Management Interface and use the undo tab or you should go to portal_view_customizations and delete the customization you just added.

Many thanks Kim, how do i access to the Management Interface? Should i do it through the server?because i cannot access to the Panel Control

add /manage_main to your url

not doing anything :frowning:

Here's what I did in case it helps.