Error in the NewsItem

I am encountering an issue with News component, I am following the training documentation, but when I used the code . to open the frontend folder, I encountered the various problems:

  1. omelette folder is not available in the frontend folder.
  2. Also, I created two news items as available in the training, I successfully created these items but they are not visible on the localhhost, rather when I visited localhost:3000/news/contents, they are visible but not in readable form, they are available as a list.
  3. When I "inspect" the components via React framework, then NewsItem is not available in the folder structure.
    P.S. I also used the training that is available on youtube, to resolve the errors, but it did not work.

If there is anyon who can help me with this, then please see towards this.

to 1.
Follow 5. Installation – Mastering Plone 6 development β€” Plone Training 2023 documentation and you will see the directory omelette with the Volto code.

to 2.
Please explain what you did and what fails.
I think you did not set up the backend according the instructions in training.
Create an instance for the Volto frontend (not Classic Plone). This prepares the backend with for example blocks behavior. See Creating a Plone site in 6. The Features of Plone – Mastering Plone 6 development β€” Plone Training 2023 documentation

to 3.
Are you looking for the code of the NewsItem component? Then have a look at the omelette folder.

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Thanks for your response @ksuess . I will make sure to research before posting.