Error Import group LDAP


I'm french developper and i need some help for the configuration of LDAP. The configuration is good, however, I encounter a problem for the import of the group, they do not want to appear in the list of groups unlike users who are well imported.

Yet with the LDAP inspection, I can see my groups list.

Some help ?

Thanks for helping !

Hello Maxime,

People who read your message and could help are maybe missing some context. Which version of Plone are you using?
which ldap add'on (Products.Ploneldap or pas.plugins.ldap)?
To what kind of directory are you connecting? (pure ldap, AD, etc.)

What do you mean with "The import of the group"? With "they do not want to appear in the list of groups" you mean searching for existing group names in the Users & Groups control panel in Plone? Depending on the implementation and settings (many users/groups setting in older Plone 4), groups are not listed by default in the front UI, you can search for them and only 'assigned' roles to those groups will list the group in the overview.

LDAP integration into Plone is not trivial. There are at least two plugins and they have different weaknesses. Which one are you using?

There are several discussions in this forum about LDAP integration. Maybe, you search for them and see whether they contain something useful for your case.

Your problem report might suggest a problem with the LDAP plugin regarding the group related interfaces. Check that those interfaces are activated for your LDAP plugin (--> acl_users --> plugins --> group related interfaces).

Hello all,

I'm using Plone 5 with plugin pas.plugins.ldap. I want to set up rules with group present in my Samba.
But when i'm going into "groups" in the panel control, i don't see my différent groups.

Thx for help

Do you mean "LDAP" instead of "Samba"?

Try to search for a group by groupid, do they appear then?

This is SambaEdu, French Ldap service. This is LDAP yes. When i try my configuration of ldap i see group but when i go to group panel i see only local groups.

It's a long time that I did my last LDAP integration - and I did not use your library (pas.plugins.ldap). Thus, I do not have a solution for you, only hints.

I see various potential causes for your problem:

  • your plugin's interfaces related to group management are not activated

  • for group management, your plugin sends special queries to the LDAP server; maybe, those queries do not fit to the LDAP configuration and return wrong results

I would use debugging in an interactive Python session (--> bin/{instance|client1} debug) and check (if necessary debug) the group related methods of the acl_users object of your Plone portal object. This way, you could find out where things go wrong - and intervene at the appropriate place.