Encrypt certain content on-the-fly for certain users


is there a way to have some content, actually files and pages, automatically encrypted for a set of users?

Say, a group of users want to store private data in a Plone instance and work together with it, but no site admin is to read the content.

The only I found so far is: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33218417/encrypt-blobstorage

The content should be hidden from the standard search catalog as well.

You have two requirements: hiding stuff from the site admin and encryption stuff. Both are unrelated in the first place. There was a long thread here some days ago (can not find the link) about how to lock your site administrator out. If this is sufficient then you should not dig deeper into encryption options.



I believe this is the thread @zopyx was referring to. I had started it.

I am continuing to look into this if you are interested

To hide content from even a site administrator, you might have the collaborators encrypt before they save content on the site. Local encryption and decryption using a common agreed-upon method means your data is completely unconnected to the the site.