Email confirmation for registration

I wanted to let people know that the email confirmation product by @vangheem is working in Plone 5. This is important because of the issue of spam registrations.

thanks Nathan.

Hi! I'm looking for an email confirmation for registrations. Does Plone has it built in? If not, how can I instal the product mentioned in your topic? I've downloaded it but have no idea on how to instal it. Tks!!

This is a build-in feature of Plone, isn't it?


I guess so. Probably used the wrong term. I have a field where users can leave their email to subscribe to a mailing list. To avoid spam, I would like to send out an automatic email for email validation. Can you help?

Which mailing list software are you using?

We add the mails we receive to the mailing list manually. This is the website: Some of the mails we are receiving are fake, so I would like that when someone leaves their e-mail address, receives an e-mail to validate their subscription.

Maybe you could have that form send an email to the provided address, and in that email include a link the person has to click on. That link could be something simple like a that sends you an email. Only the email addresses you receive with that subject line are the ones you should manually add to the subscribers.

Yes, that would do. But I don't know how to make it send the email. Currently I only have a 'Thank you' page that appears when people subscribe

Have you looked at the PloneFormGen documentation? (I assume you're using that to create the form). Specifically the mailer adapter documentation.


I want to use the email confirmation product

I' ve installed it and works fine.

Now I want to get captcha working. as part of the installation, to get captcha, we need to (from the product github page) :

"In order to use a captcha widget, you have to install one - wether by depending on the captchawidgets extra of this package or by installing plone.formwidget.captcha, plone.formwidget.recaptcha (not functional at time of this writing) or collective.z3cform.norobots. Then you have to configure to use a captcha widget. You don't need to keep the discussion activated, .."

There are 4 captcha products referenced here, does anyone have experience with any of them in P5? Does anyone have recommendations about which to use/

Controlling spam registration:

On a broader note from my question above: how are people controlling spam registration when self-registration is allowed ?

The discussion was started here, but stopped. Certainly most sites allow self-registration. I allowed for a short period and got dozens and dozens of spam registrations.

I tried this product:
works well; however, the GitHub disucssion (last Feb) on product page noted that spam registrations were getting through.

Also, I've tried the standard plone option of not allowing new users to set passwords and get email.

How are admins controlling spam registrations.

That hasn't been my experience / observation... quite the opposite, but then again it depends on how you use Plone! Almost every site I've created has not had self-reg.

Yes, I've never enabled self-registration.

AFAIK, the issue here is likely still due to multi site deployment related problems. Spam should be at a minimum with that implementation. If not, there is more hardening that needs to be done; however, I don't know what more you can do at that point.