Effbot.org error on buildout using zc.recipe.egg

I'm trying to run a bin/buildout and it returns this weird error

Download error on http://effbot.org/downloads: hostname 'effbot.org' doesn't match either of 'www.github.com', '*.github.com', 'github.com', '*.github.io', 'github.io', '*.githubusercontent.com', 'githubusercontent.com' -- Some packages may not be found!

Getting distribution for 'zc.recipe.egg==2.0.4'.
  Getting section zeoserver.
  Initializing section zeoserver.
  Installing recipe plone.recipe.zeoserver.
  Getting distribution for 'zc.recipe.egg==2.0.4'.
Error:     https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/15/e0/232cc7ba193136f74eb24f50caf917aad324755479f035c787aff429b097/zc.recipe.egg-2.0.4.tar.gz#sha256=d173a43e75f815bb3d3e53321413a4a73c6ad72189cad375d002a7edc82d6307 hostname 'files.pythonhosted.org' doesn't match either of 'r.ssl.fastly.net', '*.catchpoint.com', '*.cnn.io', '*.dollarshaveclub.com', '*.eater.com', '*.fastly.picmonkey.com', '*.files.saymedia-content.com', '*.ft.com', '*.meetupstatic.com', '*.nfl.com', '*.pagar.me', '*.picmonkey.com', '*.realself.com', '*.sbnation.com', '*.shakr.com', '*.streamable.com', '*.surfly.com', '*.theverge.com', '*.thrillist.com', '*.vox-cdn.com', '*.vox.com', '*.voxmedia.com', 'eater.com', 'ft.com', 'i.gse.io', 'picmonkey.com', 'realself.com', 'static.wixstatic.com', 'streamable.com', 'surfly.com', 'theverge.com', 'vox-cdn.com', 'vox.com', 'www.joyent.com'

It worked for years, It's a code that we rarely change. Today started to show this and I can't find information on google about it.


This looks like a bad https certificate for files.pythonhosted.org (a problem of that site). If you are lucky, the problem is temporary (will get fixed on that site).

I see this still (May 25, 2021) when trying to upgrade an older 5.0.4 site to 5.0-latest. I have not had trouble when running buildout for newer 5.2 installations. I doubt at this point that it is a certificate issue. Any other ideas?

The https error responses seem like messages a firewall might return.

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I gave up and made something on jenkins, I downloaded all the packages manually and on the .cfg I pointed to look on this download folders.

It is the only way I managed to build my portal.

This sounds like you have an allow-hosts setting in the buildout config and it does not have effbot.org and files.pythonhosted.org in it.
With bin/buildout annotate you can see all options that are set. Look for allow-hosts in there and see where they are defined. Either add these hosts, or remove the option completely.

I have not used this option in years.
When I still used it, it was a nice way to say: "Okay buildout, you can download files from pypi, from dist.plone.org, form GitHub and from one internal server, but not from anywhere else." This would avoid downloading from some.crappy.server.in.the.basement.of.a.random.person.example.org. If your buildout would need such a domain to get a package, then the buildout may not be reproducible in a few years (or hours).