Editing rules.xml TTW


I am stuck at editing rules.xml TTW.

According to this:
according to "Intro to Diazo" - theming TTW:

I am supposed to edit rules.xml

But I am unable to edit it using the ZCMI thru the web.

What am I missing, or where can I go to find instructions on how to update rules.xml TTW?


Plone 5
Diazo theme

You can not edit the default theme.
You will have to duplicate it, or make a new

Step by step:

  • Goto Site Setup => Theming (or just @@theming-controlpanel)

  • Click Copy on Barceloneta Theme

  • Type barceloneta as title into pop-up form and click Create

Now you should be at theme editor where you can open and edit also rules.xml. On theming control panel you'll see that your copy overrides the default Barceloneta. When in doubt, you can just download your version and delete it, and then you'll have the original Bareloneta Theme in use, and you can have a clean start

Note that to see changes on rules.xml on a production server, you need to click Clear cache button on theme editor or theming control panel.

For easy customization of that Barceloneta Theme copy styles, you should now be able to

  • customize variables ./less/variables.plone.less

  • open ./less/barceloneta.plone.less

  • click Build CSS button and then Compile

This would create a new version of ./less/barceloneta-compiled.css, which is defined as the theme's main CSS file in ./manifest.css with your customized values in it.

Again, on production server, there may be caching issues. Clicking Build CSS on a fresh private/incognito browser window and re-activating theme after build might help.

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Thank you!

I should have said I am trying to edit a (revised) copy of the default theme.

  1. That works! Thank you!

  2. The problem was I was trying to modify the copy via the ZMI and the built-in editor does not allow modifying rules.xml directly.

That's surprising. Even ZMI is not recommended (because theme editor has all the additional features), editing theme files through ZMI should still work. E.g. ZMI editor for a copied Barceloneta Theme rules.xml should be available at:



But while I can open and edit, for example, index.html via ZMI:

rules.xml can be uploaded, but not edited.

And exporting appears to be unsupported.

Thanks again!

Oh, yes. On ZMI the editor depends on content-type and size of the file. For rules.xml edit tab on ZMI, change its content type value to text/xml; charset=utf-8 and you should see the editor (unless the file is bigger than 64kb that seems to be condition for the editor on ZMI).

And I am thrilled there is now a more user-friendly way to deal with this :slight_smile: