Editing content in Plone 5

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Editing content in Plone 5. I see that the Edit panel for a Page shows the title, description and text areas. Is there any possibility that inside text area user can see clear HTML code so maybe some other styling properties can be used besides the one offered in the edit panel. For example, I have a table I I would like to hide some row for the view if it is possible? Or maybe there is some built-in way for hiding some content in view for Plone. I'm a beginner so I am not familiar with all of the possibilities.
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In the visual editor, click on the Tools dropdown, then 'View Source'.

Beware that depending on what you add, it may get stripped out, because the site is preventing you from adding malicious code.

To adjust the filtering settings, go to Site Setup > HTML Filtering

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Hello Chrissy,
Thank You for the reply, Yes I found and edited the source, and it seems to be fine with "display: none". It works as it should.
But now the row is not visible also when viewing content in the visual editor, so it might not be practical for other admins as they are checking content. Is it possible in any other way to filter rows from a completely custom-made table in the site?

You can add a CSS class to it, then add CSS to hide the row when viewing the page.

Does your site have a custom theme, with CSS you can edit?

Yes, I understand, but we use default theme for Plone 5. I'm not sure I would know where I can find css document which I can edit? Where can I find it?
Sorry I inherited this task from former employee and I am still searching my way through Plone.

Check out the Plone Through-the-Web Theming training: https://training.plone.org/5/theming/basic.html

Ok, great I will look more into that. And create some css class which I will assign to the rows from my custom made table which I want to hide. For now I set css property display:none directly to those rows in View Source window in "Text editor". That will do for now. Thank You both.

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