Easy Plone 5.1.2 deployment to Heroku

Thanks to @witek, who updated https://github.com/collective/training-sandbox with the version pins necessary to fix the "Deploy to Heroku" button on https://plone.org/download

It's now (once again) super easy to try the latest Plone version on a free Heroku account.

try Plone on Heroku

Hmm... the Mosaic that it ships with needs an upgrade.

@pigeonflight I'll be happy to update the pins and test that it works, if someone can provide me with the latest ones that work, that I can just slot in. I don't work on Mosaic myself much, otherwise I'd do it myself. Thanks!

Current pins:

Here's a pull request https://github.com/collective/training-sandbox/pull/12

Tested to be working. Merged.