Easy icons on Plone 5

One of our customers developed a simple view for a content-type on Plone 5.0 for showing mime icons for a list of files.
He's using an approach copied somewhere with a TAL espression like item_icon python:layout_view.getIcon(item); where layout_view is context/@@plone_layout.

Yesterday we migrated the site to Plone 5.0.2 and suddenly this stopped working, probably related to changes done in version 5.0.1 (in the changelog I read something about "removed old icons").

I see that the mimetype registry contains working icons (like "pdf.png").
What is the standard approach now to read those icons on listings views?
In facts plone.app.contenttypes field browser view is using mimetype registry, but we need the full object to use it.

Any hints?

Update. Probably all of this is related to this huge activity.

Apart the cleanup done here, have we lost the feature of showing mimetype images on listing?