Dropdown menu on portal tabs/actions

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Using Plone 5.2(.5), when I turn off Automatically generated tabs in the navigation settings and create Portal tabs in the Actions control panel, I lose the lovely dropdown menus.
Looking through the source, I'm guessing the navigation code can't create a suitable tree from the portal action (which is just a url string like string:${globals_view/navigationRootUrl}/corporate-services).
Is there any way to enable a dropdown menu for a manually created portal tabs?

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you've to register your own navtree. Or, better, you can use

which does exactly this.

Just to be sure: Why do you need to create it manually?

(sometimes one can 'work around it' by using 'Link' content type and 'hide from navigation setting')

Thanks, @espenmn Yes, exclude from navigation is the easy work-around. I was investigating whether there was a solution that was more user-proof.

Thanks for the pointer, @yurj . It looks like collective.editablemenu might be useful. At minimum, it demonstrates how to code your own navtree.

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