Dropdown menu in Booster theme

Hello all!
I tried to install the dropdown menu with webcouturier on my website who's got a Diazo theme named Booster.
here is my buildout.cfg:

# NOTE: This file should be copied into the buildout root directory. It
# should never be checked in to version control so that the environment
# stays the same over time.
#     $ cd path/to/your-buildout
#     $ cp profiles/buildout.cfg_tmpl buildout.cfg

index = https://pypi.org/simple/
# Once copied to the root, select the environment you are releasing to
# by uncommenting the appropriate line below.
extends =
#    profiles/local.cfg
#    profiles/prod.cfg
#    profiles/staging.cfg

eggs =


auto-checkout = webcouturier.dropdownmenu

extensions = mr.developer

webcouturier.dropdownmenu = git https://github.com/collective/webcouturier.dropdownmenu.git branch=plone5

When I go to my website add-ons, I see the dropdownmenu, I installed it but it doesn't work, is there an incompatibility with booster?

Any help? I see that the add-on is working when I'm on Barceloneta theme but not for Booster.... Please

With the dropdownmenu, a little flitch appears but nothing when i hover the button, nothing..

did you configure the configlet to set the number of items to show? if this is set to "0" by mistake, no flyouts will show.
You're right, this works in barceloneta

Hello @rileydog ! Yes I did, and when i switch to Barceloneta, it works but not for Booster... The number of items to show isn't set on 0 :confused:

There is a bug in the booster theme. The problem is the CSS coming from webcouturier.dropdown doesn't match any more the CSS selectors in the theme.

You can do the following (until fixed in the booster theme):

.navbar-nav li:hover > .submenu {
    display: block;
  • Open the file "main.less" in the "less" folder
  • Click on "Build CSS" and enter "../styles/main.css", then click on "Compile"

Your dropdown should now work.

FYI, here is the pull request: https://github.com/collective/plonetheme.booster/pull/9

Hello @tmassman !
Thanks for your message and your help!
I searched the "less" folder but there's no less folder in my theme...
Is that possible?

Then this is not the booster theme. Are you maybe currently in another one (e.g. multitheme)?

Yes I work with multitheme for the homepage but he's not the theme who's activated and even when multitheme wasn't installed, the dropdown menu didn't appeared...

I used this method for the multitheme installation:

But multitheme has nothing to do with the booster theme, which is what you wanted to use initially, right?

I use Booster theme initially, yes, but I needed multitheme for a countdown installation on the homepage...

Then please, if the problem still persists with the multitheme, ask @espenmn directly or create a new thread for it. This is otherwise confusing for people searching the forum and, please don't get me wrong, a waste of time for people trying to help you.

As a general outcome one can say that diazo themes don't necessarily have to support all the add-ons out there. It is the responsibility of the theme developer to make it as much compatible as possible. But since one is able to rewrite the whole HTML structure with a theme, it is not guaranteed that the original CSS/JS coming from Plone or an Add-On is still working.

I don't think anybody's wasting his time here...
I did a backup and my only theme is Booster. I don't have a less folder.

I dont have the less folder is it a site setting ?

kind regards