Download all docs from Plone CMS

Hi, i'm not a Plone user however i have been given admin to get all docs from a Plone website to migrate to a different CMS.

Could anyone tell me if it is possible to download folders of assets in the Plone CMS. I've been looking for an hour before asking here.

The version is Plone 4.1.6 (4115)

Any help appreciated

There are various approaches. The simplest are to access Plone via FTP or WebDAV (the latter allows you to map Plone's content into your file system). These simple approaches are likely to loose some information (information which does not make sense on a filesystem based model, such as metadata). More complex approaches allow you to access the complete information -- but require more skills.

I suggest, you try the FTP/WebDAV approach to check whether it satisfies your needs - and come back if it does not.

Hi Josh, I think the simplest way is to install plone.jsonapi (or something
similar) and write a python script to pull everything out of your site. Get
a folder listing of the whole site and loop thru it and pull each item
individually. You can then write it to file or, if you have an api on the
new CMS, put it directly into the new site.