Doubt regarding the Project Size

The size of the project Improve drag & drop support in the blocks engine in the Plone Project Lists is given as 250Hours

Is the size of the project only 250Hours or is it 350 hours?

I have chosen this Project idea and am interested in contributing to this Project idea.I have been researching on the same and have come up with a proposal for the same.Is it fine if i could share the proposal to the assigned mentor @sneridagh to this project and get it reviewed? I am not sure whether the size of the project is 250Hours or 350Hours , if someone could help me with that i can finalize my proposal for the same :smiling_face:

That is the expected size, since it's not that big to my understanding, although it could be complemented (exhaustive acceptance tests, storybook, etc).

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I got it @sneridagh ;

I too wanna ask this , @sneridagh could you tell me what is the slug word which is used for the project Slug based linked headlines in volto-slate and also may i get which repo i have to start looking to get a well understanding on this project (Slug based linked headlines in volto-slate)?

For more information:

@sneridagh The draft proposal is almost done. Could u review the proposal for Slug based linked headlines in volto-slate and improve drag and drop support in blocks engine as you are the mentor associated with the projects sir?May i get the proposal reviewed from you before the GSoC proposal period?

And also i am planning to submit 2 proposals , as i have been working on 2 projects from the past one month . Is it good to submit 2 proposals to the same organisation for 2 different project ideas??

Where should i look for solving issues for this project?

@sneridagh awaiting your response :smile:

Please read carefully: Recommendations for GSoC aspirants

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Thanks for the reply @sneridagh ,

I have gone through the GSoC recommendations long back , but i am asking if we (I) could submit 2 proposals for one organisation? is it fine to submit 2 proposal for this organisation?

No idea. You should look for the rules in the GSOC guidelines.

You can submit up to three proposals - even to one organization according to my own GSOC research.
As a mentor, I would consider multiple proposals as rude and spam. But this is only my personal opinion.
Better create one reasonable proposal for different organizations rather than three weak proposals for one organization.

This would help me and some of the people who are contributing to GSoC and also who have a doubt on submitting proposals.Thank you @zopyx for the reply as a mentor :smiling_face: .