Doubt regarding "Improve add/select/modify link widget"


From the information present in Github issues, I understand that we want to modify the AddLinkForm such that we get these features :

  1. In place search while inserting image via link
    • different cases for showing the content
  2. Conditional rendering of text input component, either as a dialog or in the same place.
  3. Alt-text and delete link option in the component itself
  4. Align image functionality while using this widget for images.

Ref : #4303, #4286

@sneridagh Please let me know whether my understanding of the requirements is accurate before I begin drafting a proposal for this project.



Yes, you got it right.

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I have submitted a proposal for this project; it would be helpful if you could review it so that we can improve it if required.

@sneridagh Please let me know if you think any critical information regarding the solution has not been pointed out in the proposal, it'll be really helpful :pray: