Does undo actiob with undo_form work on Plone 5.2.3(rc1)?

Undo under ZMI works fine, but I activated (show) the Undo action in site setup and when it appeared clicked on it but got something as this page is not found (a different but similar text).
Is the undo_form action implemented or a dummy. Searching in the eggs letme assume the lattef is the case... but I hope I am wrong

Does somebody know? And how can I activate it properly?
Thanks an Merry Christmas to All!

See restore undo functionality · Issue #818 · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub, which says: "Since Plone 3 the undo_form portal_action has been made not visible and then removed entirely from Plone."
So: some people would love to have it back, but it would be tricky. Best bet is that someone might reimplement this in an add-on, but not in core.