Does Plone have a way of generating all of the favicons/ icons browsers may want?

There's a great article that explains which favicons/ icons are needed by modern browsers and OS' (How to Favicon in 2022: Six files that fit most needs—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog). Does Plone core have a way to generate these? It seems the current favicon support is geared towards rendering a single favicon.ico file and nothing else, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything?

We've a need in our Volto project to be able to upload a favicon in a control panel and it be used throughout the site, so having a single input that then generates the relevant icons for serving would be amazing.

Under Classic UI Site Settings one can configure logo and favicon. This feature is indeed still missing in Volto.

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: Will Plone will simply serve back the uploaded files, or can it output resized/ different file types for the upload favicon?

It just serves them back. We need to improve here. I just read the article you linked, it seems this is not as complex as I thought it is: If it is just some lines in the header, four images and a JSON.

My thoughts exactly! We'd just need to make sure that tiny images (e.g. 32x32) aren't attempting to be upscaled, at least not without site admins being aware the results might not be great.

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There are several websites that will generate all the icons you need from one 'bigger images'. Maybe if it was possible to upload a zip file with all the icons in the control panel ? (slightly related: TTW Copy theme and Inspect theme not available in Plone 6 - #4 by mekell )