Does atct_migrate have memoryleak?

I'm currently migrating a huge Plone 4.3 database with >70GB of blob files in it.
When i tried to migrate that under Plone 5.0.x some months ago it was working.
Now under Plone 5.1 it just stops at some point, no trace and no warning at all.
During the migration, the memory consumtion is very hight, about 40GB including SWAP on a machjin with 32GB RAM. That seems not that good. Also i had the feling that the migration is some kind of a loop, as i saw the same files in the log serveral times, all in the folder migration.

Does anyone has similar issues or any idea whats going on?



If you migrate to Plone 5.0.x and then migrate to Plone 5.2.x the error still happening? I think It will help to investigate if the error is in Plone 5.1.x code or in a particular part of ypur Plone 4 Data.fs.