Documentviewer problem converting docx

Hi all,
on a plone 5 instance where I've installed Documentviewer 4.1, when I try to "convert" an docx I obtain
/var/lib/gems/2.5.0/gems/docsplit-0.7.6/lib/docsplit/pdf_extractor.rb:107:in `office_executable': No office software found (Docsplit::PdfExtractor::OfficeNotFound)

On my server there is a recent version of Openoffice.
Any ideas?

It smells like a path problem.
Maybe verify that your installation matches the paths defined here:


After fighting with openoffice , installing, disistinalling, reinstalling , etc etc
Now I obtain
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'convert'

What's going on?
I've installed all the other dependencies

In the code there is:

On my server I've:

.... so? :frowning:

Are you sure that has something to do with the problem? ( NoneType sounds to me like something else, like missing file/behavior.

(In case it is of any interest: I just installed document viewer 'extras' on OS X an Linux like suggested here: )

Yes, all dependencies are fine...
I've just solved my problem following this tip:

If you can execute docsplit as the user running Plone but are still having problems, check the order of your init script which starts Plone. Make sure that Plone starts at the latter part. Otherwise, there is a chance Plone will not be able to pick up the correct path of docsplit.

A little bit disappointing ... but it works
Thanks all