Documentation Update

Here are some updates updates about

Plone 3

We just released the first [beta] version of the docs for Plone 3.X.
This first release is far from finished, so please help to improve !

Known bugs:

  • opensearch not yet working
  • broken links
  • typos
  • screen shots are from Plone 4
  • buildout.cfg examples from Plone 4
  • install instructions: lots of Plone 4 stuff
  • theme is using wrong logo
  • references to new and old collections

How can I help ?

If you see something what is broken, you can help in different ways:

  • send a pull request with a fix
  • open a ticket with the label 'plone3' and explain what is wrong and provide the solution.

Plone 4

There is one open PR which needs a review, after this PR is merged we can start to build the docs for Plone 4.
Update: the PR is merged.

After this is done, we will start to build the docsets for Dash and Zeal, we decided to host them on, this will make it easier and faster to update them. All what you have to do is to add there feed to your Dash or Zeal install [docs about that will follow].

Plone 5

We started with a branch for Plone 5, if you have documentation for Plone 5, please start with sending PRs.
If you ever wanted to learn, how to write robot-screen-shots, now is the perfect time, we need them for Plone 5.


The version switching between the different versions of the docs [3 & 4] is not working yet, we did lots of testing, but decided not to include it yet, we are working on it, so we hope this will be solved soon.

The docs team

Thanks for giving an update!

It really helps a lot on keeping an overview of what's the status of the team, its priorities, etc.