Documentation Update - April 2016

Hi all,

first of all apologies that it took so long to push a new build, we were trying to include too many things into this release.

This will change, we are moving slowly but steady to 'half automatic' releases with the long term goal of fully automatic ones via our new ci-pipeline, since we are still testing, we will doing that in steps, by beginning with more 'micro' releases, for now every 8 weeks and over the time with more fixing and tweaking to instant ones.

If there are important updates we will push them between the regular ones.

Even if it does not looks like it, there were lots of changes, in the docs but also in [papyrus] ( and on our current theme.

For the following couple of weeks we will test a new widget for feedback on the website

The text, position and look, will change a couple of times.

A huge thank you goes to @cewing, @thet, @jensens, @ebrehault and @staeff for this release !!

Thank you !

Of course we would also like to thank all other persons, who made this possible: @fulv, @mauritsvanrees, @do3cc and @tkimnguyen, thanks to you, too !

For more information what changed, please refer to the usual places:

Besides that, we also started to prepare the support of examples for various Operating System examples, we improved the support of different versions of minor changes, like changed from Plone 5.0 to 5.1 if that is needed and we improved the css, so that we get a 'command prompt' when use use

.. code-block:: shell

which you can't copy, so no messing up of copy and paste, btw you should never do copy and paste from docs ! :slight_smile:

A video explains better than words:

A notice the the future:

We will remove dash/zeal builds and releases, if you do not know what it is do not worry, this message is not important for you.

After a quick survey on community and checking our stats, almost no one is using it. In place of that we will provide a pre-build tar.gz which people can download for offline use and we will add docs how you can build a docset if you want to do it.
Please note, that these version will differ from the html version, since stuff like gists and video [youtube for example] will not work offline.


By no means you need to apologize! Huge thanks to you an @polyester for all the hard work and effort that you on it!

Knowing that something is being taken care makes it more easier to want to contribute to it!