Documentation Release 20150518

We just released build 20150518.


We released a first preview version of Plone 5 docs:

For a change-log in human readable format, please check:

Plone 3:
Plone 4:
Plone 5:

If you prefer more, please check/read the commit messages in the different branches :smile:.


Papyrus [docs builder]

  • Update Sphinx to 1.3.1
  • Add function to include gists
  • More documentation
  • Add function to build docsets within Sphinx


  • OS updates
  • Security updates
  • Nginx update, Ubuntu default version is just too old
  • Changes in nginx for
  • Add
  • Unify URLs for docs and training to make it easier for [new] user.

CI Intregartion

  • we have now the first tests running with jenkins, if you are a maintainer of a core package you may receive a mail from us soon. :smile:

release: 20150309

typos: 69 [with external docs]
broken links: 455

release: 20150518

typos: 82 [with external]
broken links: 319

We have more 'typos' because we included for example bobtemplates.plone, but we did not upgrade the list of 'good words' yet, so we are getting more errors of not known words such as bobtemplates for example.

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