Documentation Images/VMs/Container

They way how we deploy our documentation to has changed a lot and there will be more changes in the future.

Since Papyrus, the buildout, responsible for building the docs in different formats [ HTML/PDF/...] and creating screenshots [robot-framework] comes with lots of dependencies we are not advising to run this on you local machine to browse the docs [of course you can if you want]. We advise to use the online version or/and use Zeal/Dash of maybe even the add-on which we have for Sublime.

However, since some people may want to have a local version we would like to let you know that we are testing a vagrant box and a container for docker.

With both of them you do not have to compile anything, no need for buildout, you will get the HTML, like you see on

Question: We do 64bit only atm. Do you want vagrant in 32bit? Do you want 32 and 64bit or only 32?