Document with ID 'index_html' disables the "Display" action in the menubar of the parent folder

Is it possible to enable the action to select the available views for a Foldertype? Or should i rename the document with the id "index_html". But renaming is for me the second option. Is it possible to tell Zope/Plone that the ID "index_html" is a normal, not a special, magic ID?

Rename the index_html document to something else, use the "Select a content item as default view" when you want to mimic the index_html behavior.

I know that this is default behaviour in Plone.
But, why is the select_default_page option disabled?
I know that even if you set another default_page using select_default_page it won't work if an index_html page exists.
IMHO this is very counter intuitive.

Likely because it would not work: the index_html handling is very elementary (implemented at the ZPublisher level) and likely cannot be overridden by higher level logic.

Yes. That's the reason.

Nonetheless I would like to suggest adding this to the documentation.

Hmmm. Maybe this could be used as a 'feature', a simple way to prevent users from changing the view of front-page or 'landing pages'

That's a great idea.

I'd suggest to document this "feature" too. :wink: