Docs for Plone 5

Plone 5 and the state of documentation

Plone 5 is getting closer and this is awesome ! Lets have a short look how the docs are doing ...


We have one branch called 5.0, which is the branch for Plone 5 documentation. Currently this is only a copy of our current master branch, with little updates, thanks for this.
That is what we have for now, which is not much.

What is needed:

Browse through the branch make notes, what is still ok what, changed for Plone 5, open issues and tag them with plone5, or even better, make a branch, fix it and send a PR ! :smile:

If you like writing robots or want to learn it, now is your time to shine ! We need robot-tests for all images/screens for the new theme, like login, create a page, add a user and and and .....

Thanks !

..-The docs team-..