Do we have a guide for changing an add-on's name?

Suppose you have a package named my.package.

For some reason (suppose a copyright issue) you need to change your package name to my.personalproduct. Is there a guide for that in Plone docs?

I don't think so, or at least I don't recall it.

The main problems I see are:

  • as long as nothing is persisted on the database it should be fine and dandy, but as probably some interfaces, tools, settings, registry keys and so on are, you will probably need to write a one-off migration
  • if the project is open source you should provide quite some deprecations and upgrade guides
  • if the project is internal, you should only care about the migration and the actual renaming

Yep. For interfaces (like browserlayers) we'll need to probably use some insights from here We need to stop using an add-on that registered a browserlayer. Which is the best way to do it and avoid pickling errors between upgradeSteps?

Some references for Plone 3: