Do not use for plone core!

Dear Plonistas, PLEASE do NOT use for projects under the Plone organisation on Github.

The Volto project at the moment has 264 open pointless Pull Requests (there are about 15 real ones). Have fun closing them all! But its not the first time (there have been already a different project). So, the message to all here.

The bad thing is, it blocks us from merging other PRs, because it spams the list/filter of/for all Plone related PRs at

So, DO NOT use anything that creates issues or PRs automatically unless it is tested well in a sandbox outside of plone and it is communicated with framework/release teams.

Thanks for your attention.

FYI: I blocked pyup-bot github user for whole plone organization for now. If we find it may help us in any way in future we can unblock it.

I removed volto from pyup and closed all opened pull request. pyup works fine for all my Robot Framework / Django projects. It obviously does not work in a repo with 5 different requirements files and some with full Plone requirements in it. :frowning:

FYI: Someone else configured collective.redirectacquired with pyup. Therefore I can not disable this project...

It's Godefroid's repo... I can see the webhook setting. Should I delete it?

@gotcha Could you disable the pyup-bot in your collective.redirectacquired repo?


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@tisto over to you!