Do I have what it takes to perform this huge migration?

Hi, I need help understanding if I have the knowledge to perform a huge migration on a company’s intranet.

I only started working with Plone six months ago. I’ve been working on improving some features of the company’s already existing content types, on both the front and back ends.

Furthermore, I have been told to do this huge migration, and I don’t know if I have what it takes to do it the right way. Also, I’ve been researching for the last six months, but not getting anywhere.

I don’t know if I should just say I don’t have enough knowledge to do it and look for someone with more experience, or if I should keep trying.

Thank you so so so much!

huge migration

To what?

Ahh sorry, from Plone 5.1 with Archetyphes and Python 2.7 to Plone 6

Looking at your previous posts you are trying to use collective.exportimport.

I agree: that's the way to go!

But you might have some surprises depending on some very specific quirks of your installation that are impossible to predict without first assessing your installation.
You might find out that, for example, that it requires too much RAM to to export all your content at once.
Or that it might take an unacceptable amount of time to do the import.

If that happens you might need to face hard problems to solve.

You can just try do simulate the migration, post your troubles here and see what happens.

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Please be specific which add-ons you are using and which of the add-ons/content-types are grown within your institution (means: do you have "own" code)?

As @zopyx mentions, the more internal code you have the trickier it can get, you can try to use collective.exportimport to export only a few selected content types and see how the migration goes on the new plone site, and build from there.

Some interesting numbers to get an estimate would be:

  • how many content types you have?
  • how many objects on the database exists?
  • how many custom distributions you have?

Depending on the size, it is feasible to already work with a complete export of the website, but if the amount of data is big, trying a partial migration to build trust on your approach might be best :four_leaf_clover:

Fortunately you are at the right place, the plone community, where we can give you some help, but if the problem feels too much, you can always contact any of the companies that work on Plone on a daily basis to get a quote from them. See a list of providers.

Does your company have some budget for the migration?

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