Distribution errors while installing RelStorage

Hi All,

I am getting distribution error while installing RelStorage in buildout.cfg

Here are the steps i followed.

eggs =

rel-storage =
type postgresql
db plone
user plone
host localhost
password PASSWORD

After editing buildout.cfg i am trying to run the buildout. But I am facing below error.

Anyone knows, please prove the solution.

Stop creating new threads for the same issue. This is annoying.
And again: stop posting screenshots..use proper copy & paste of error message - as advised multiple times.


HI zopyx,

Thanks for the reply. Next time on wards it wont happen. Please provide the solution for the error.

Hope you understand the issue what am facing.

Apparently, "relstorage" is using the (relatively) new
"wheel distribution format" and your "buildout/setuptools" installation
does not yet fully support this format.

I do not know the solution. Upgrading "buildout/setuptools" might
work (but I am not sure).

Note: this message was also used as a reply to the email reporting the post. If the reply works as expected, the message may appear twice.

Pin setuptools to 33.1.1. That will prevent buildout and/or setuptools from trying anything too futuristic.