Display a Richtext field without neededing a browser view class?

I converted a zope.schema.Text to a plone.app.textfield.RichText field in a dexterity content type, which used to not have a python class, but just a simple template.

Is there a specific syntax to show the field value (i.e. context/field_name/output) in Chameleon that does not break if the field is empty? :thinking:

My current approach is adding a dummy class on the browser view that just handles the case of the field being empty, but it feels so much as a common use case that there should be a way to handle it.

I just checked plone.app.contenttypes and for the Document template is doing:

So checking the truthiness of the field and if so, showing its contents.

Are there other approaches? :thinking:

Appears good enough for me.