Discrepancies between prefs_install_products_form and portal_quickinstaller in 5.2

I know that portal_quickinstaller is halfway out the door, i.e. almost deprecated.

But out of curiosity, I went to look at it after an upgrade to 5.2, and found this:

Notice that the only custom thing there is the Login Lockout Plugin, everything else is stock.

By contrast, on prefs_install_products_form, I see:

Notice No upgrades in this corner, and there is nothing under Activated add-ons, even though Login Lockout is listed as installed in portal_quickinstaller.

But apart from that, are the numbers in red in portal_quickinstaller a cause for concern? i.e. some upgrade steps that still need to be run?

I'm not sure if there is an issue here that needs to be filed.

There was a similar question a few months ago: GS Upgraded buildout Plone: versions mismatch in portal_quickinstaller. I answered the question two weeks ago. I am glad that I did, so I can point you to it now. :slight_smile: See especially the answer to the first question.

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