Discord data breach on 2023-08-14

Please read this important announcement about Discord data breach. https://discord.io/

The Plone community uses Discord for chat.

Discord.io appears to be a third party service for creating invite URLs to Discord, not the Discord platform itself. Is there a relationship between discord.io and the Plone community's use of Discord?

Part of the breach includes Discord data for invites, oAuth, and stats. I assume that if someone used the discord.io service for those purposes, then both the identified Discord and discord.io data would have been breached.

I think all the invitations we created for Plone use the domain discord.gg. The Discord server itself is not configured to use discord.io. I don't know if someone could have used discord.io to create an invitation to the Plone Discord server without us knowing about it. Lots of unknowns at this point.