Disable navigation menu link for top level folder

Is there a way to disable the link of a folder item in the navigation menu? Our user only wants the folder to be a main category in the drop down menu so it is preferred that it is not clickable. Only the contained pages have content. This is a common practice in other CMS but I do not know if Plone supports this.

css solution:

If it is the "Home" link, you can remove the link from ZMI -> portal_actions -> portal_tabs

You can do it with javascript, probably something like:

$('li.someclass a').click(function(event) {

Thank you for the replies. I was hoping for an add-on or a simpler non-hackish solution.

If you are simply trying to have a folder in the root not show up in the navigation bar, that can be adjusted while editing the folder. Navigate to the folder. Select 'Edit' then when edit mode comes up select the "Settings" tab and check the box to "exclude from navigation". Don't forget to save.

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