Diffrent Mountpoint Definitions


in my buildout.cfg:

# Plone5
parts =
recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
http-address = 10083
debug-mode = on
verbose-security = on
deprecation-warnings = on
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}
zcml = ${buildout:zcml}
file-storage = ${buildout:buildout_dir}/var/filestorage/Data.fs
blob-storage = ${buildout:buildout_dir}/var/blobstorage

recipe = collective.recipe.filestorage
location = ${buildout:directory}/var/%(fs_part_name)s/filestorage/Data.fs
blob-storage = ${buildout:directory}/var/%(fs_part_name)s/blobstorage
zodb-name = %(fs_part_name)s
zodb-cache-size = 1000
zodb-mountpoint = /%(fs_part_name)s
zodb-container-class = OFS.Folder.Folder
parts =

in my zope.cfg after i run bin/buildout:

<zodb_db main>
    # Main database
    cache-size 30000
    # Blob-enabled FileStorage database
        blob-dir /home/Development/Plone/Training/buildout/var/blobstorage
        # FileStorage database
            path /home/Development/Plone/Training/buildout/var/filestorage/Data.fs
    mount-point /

<zodb_db training>
    cache-size 1000
    <filestorage >
        path /home/Development/Plone/Training/buildout/var/training/filestorage/Data.fs
        blob-dir /home/Development/Plone/Training/buildout/var/training/blobstorage
    mount-point /training
    container-class OFS.Folder.Folder

all is fine and the instance started normally.

My Question, only for my understanding (just something for dark dull days like here, i missing the summer), why is the structure blobstorage in 'main' and in 'training' filestorage so diffrent. I thought it would be the same structure. It is probably a question about Zope and not direct Plone, but if anyone has an explanation, please share your knowledge.