Difficulty in installing Plone on windows

I was trying to install plone on windows I encountered many error and warnings so I started to install everything fresh following are the steps followed by me while installing:-
1)Install virtualbox
2)Install vagrant
3)Installed Putty form this link ->https://github.com/plone/plonedev.vagrant/tree/5.0.6
4)In windows command prompt "vagrant box add hashicorp/precise32
5)Downloaded PloneDev-Vagrant https://github.com/plone/plonedev.vagrant/archive/master.zip.
I downloaded it in C drive (default)
6)In command prompt "cd PloneDev-vagrant"
7)In command prompt "vagrant init hashicorp/precise32"
8)In command prompt Run "vagrant up"
9)In command prompt "vagrant ssh"
10)Now go to localhost:8080
11)Plone site must be available
12)In command prompt "exit" to logout from our sever.

Are the above mentioned steps correct for installing plone on windows.(Please correct me if I am going wrong anywhere)

There is maybe a lighter weight installation method for Windows, the simple buildout, which is listed when you go to Plone.org/download and click on the latest Plone 5 orange button

If you run into errors we can help you better if you cite the full text of the error messages

Hi Aditya!

You steps looks right. After you get all needed thing, the VM doing to engage environment for Plone and be possible to do you first request at localhost:8080 from your Windows browser.
I've done installation by Vagrant before, write more you question is.

I got these errors and warnings while installing GSOC17: Creating new Plone site