Difficulty in Installing Plone 5.1 Developer Tools in Ubuntu

I went through the Installing manual of Plone for Ubuntu OS.Everything went fine till Installing Developer tools.After that going to the bin directory of zinstance then there while using "buildout -c develop-cfg" it is stating "Error: Couldn't open /home/anwesh/Desktop/GSOC/zinstance/bin/develop.cfg" and after that plonectl fg is not working neither plonectl start

Run buildout from the root directory of your project, not the bin directory.
ie, bin/buildout -c develop.cfg

thank you sir.
One last thing. it is given that check plone at http://yourserver:8080 but

this shows up

Because you are connecting to yourserver, not localhost or whatever you called the server.

Can you point me to the documentation you are using?


That’s right; you should browse to http://localhost:8080