Diazo's "disabled-bundles"

Hi, I'm using Plone 5 and developing a theme with Diazo.
I have to disable another theme's bundle (because I extend its contents) when this is active.

The handiest way seems to be using diazo's bundle handling with enabled-bundles and disabled-bundles.
Saving and restarting my dev instance, I don't see any change and I have both loaded in DOM.

I looked for it in parts/omelette/ and I found its implementation in plone.app.theming.utils.py where disabled-bundles are passed to Theme constructor, but I don't know where ther are used.

How does it work?


did it worked?

Yes, it worked using comma separated values (without space).

enabled-bundles = b-css-bundle,b-js-bundle,b-icons-bundle
disabled-bundles = a-css-bundle,a-icons-bundle

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