Dexterity IRichTextBehavior and fields freeze Contents (/folder_contents) feature

I think there is an issue with Dexterity rich text fields. If I were to create items using a content type with either or both of the IRichTextBehavior and fields in it and place it in a folder called Policies, the following will occur:

  1. /policies will show the items listed in the folder
  2. /policies/folder_contents will freeze the page (it will keep churning without any resolution)

This sounds familiar :slight_smile: It is something peculiar about your custom content types, isn't it? If you create a new item of that type but don't put any values in its fields, does it still do this in an otherwise empty folder? Otherwise it might be something about the IDs of the fields that's causing the folder_contents view to fail. Is there an error in your browser's console?

Thanks so much for your advice, Kim. So I tested to see what happens when the rich text fields have no values. Lo and behold, when there are no values, the folder_contents view works. So is there a way to rectify the issue when there are values in the rich text fields?

Maybe it's that IRichText behaviour messing you up? The content type I created that seems similar to yours... how close is it, other than that behaviour?

Even after removing the iRichText behavior, the other field, policy_content which is a rich text field displayed similar problems. If policy_content has no value, folder_contents listing will work. If it has a value, folder_contents will not work. The other fields did not have such issues. So I can only conclude that there are issues with rich text behaviors in Dexterity whether be it through checking the iRichText behavior or having a rich text field within the content type.