Dexterity Content Types - the word "Add"

Hi Everyone,

I am using Plone 5.0 at work and when I try to create a new form using Dexterity Content Types.
Everything looks OK but once the form is published, there is this word "Add" always automatically added to the title or type name. Is there way I could remove it from the the titles? (basically it's added to every forms that I've created.)

Thank you!

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Usually, there are two forms associated with a content type: one to create a new content object (called "add form") and one to edit an existing content object (called "edit form"). Both forms are very similar and very likely, dexterity will automatically "generate" them from the same (schema) description. The "Add" prefix you observe is there to distinguish the add from from the edit form.

In view of the above description, I would say, the "add" (respectively "edit") prefix is a good thing. If you really dislike it, look in the dexterity documentation how to provide your own add/edit forms for your content type.

Alternatively you can also probably use Diazo to remove the word Add from the html.

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Or by using some easy DOM modification using jQuery.

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