Deserializing issues

I'm using rest.api to develop plone.importexport.

With the course of time I face some issue with rest.api deserializer and tried to solve it out by myself.

So after spending a few hours for exploring and debugging, I found this in regards to rest.api bugs

  • issue , I list down the schema for content type-Folder, and got to realize that rest.api don't look for -

  • listingView

  • review-state(Workflow-state)
    So, then I tried to fill in review-state by myself using this, but unfortunately failed to do so in Plone 5, with error No workflow provides this '${publish}' action

  • issue, it's a fact that files by default don't have a workflow state, so when serializer from rest.api tries to serialize them, it throws error.

  • So, I implemented try and catch here. But the problem still remain the same? Any suggestion?

Issue 1 solved :slight_smile: using plone.api

Issue solved by @Alexander_Loechel