Demo sites are up again

All nightly demo-sites are up again after we had to fight a little with our ansible-setup.

Plone 5.2.3 on Python 3.8:
Plone 6.0 coredev nightly build on Python 3.8:
Plone 5.2 coredev nightly build on Python 3.8:
Plone 5.2 coredev nightly build on Python 2.7:

By the way: The bootstrap5-based theme for Plone 6 Classic was recently merged and you can check it out on


@pbauer is it enough to checkout the master branch of plonetheme.barceloneta to use bs5? Or is there other packages that must checkout with specific branches (z3c.form or portlets or....)?

ok, i see all in the repro GitHub - collective/ at plone6

Nice. But the main navigation (dropdown) is still not accessible :frowning:

We're continuing our weekly sprint Wednesday with a standup at 9 and 17 o'clock on
Everybody, no matter what experience, is welcome to join :wink:


Please share your knowledge with us! If you know how to fix it, please provide a pull request - or at least create an issue with some more information, like whats missing. Thanks!

Sure, I made 2 small videos. The first one shows the main navigation for Plone 6 with Barceloneta. The sub menu items are only accessible with a pointing device (mouse).

The second video shows a Plone 5.2 site with a customized menu. This one is accessible by keyboard and assistive technologies as well as mouse and touch.

I will create an issue for plonetheme.bacreloneta and provide code on how this can be fixed in the coming days.

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FYI: The template code for the navigation is in at master · plone/ · GitHub and for performance reasons in Python here at bc3e15488faea465be4442637b5429bd7c4df729 · plone/ · GitHub

Where can I find this?

Is it this one? GitHub - plone/ansible-playbook: An Ansible playbook for automated deployment of full-stack Plone servers.

The playbook and role are still in our company-gitlab. I'll see if we can move them to github. They are not that exciting though.

I must say that looks good! It looks even cleaner and clearer that before, and control panel looks great too.

I just wonder why there's A before every item in Demo dropdown? "A Image" does look a little funny.

It should be An Image. The demo-content should be updated indeed :slight_smile:

I get this error

We’re sorry, but there seems to be an error…

If you are certain you have the correct web address but are encountering an error, please contact the site administration.

when I click on

Plone 5.2.3 on Python 3.8:
Plone 5.2 coredev nightly build on Python 2.7:


They are up right now. Maybe you accessed the sited during their 4-hourly rebuild.

I accessed the sites right before the timestamp in the email - Sat, Feb 20, 5:21 MST (GMT -7) - in case that helps.

Mark is down...?