Default Content Page in Volto

How do you set a default content page for given folder in volto. This feature is available in Plone Classic.

The use case of setting a default content page is to add custom blocks to show search widgets or map widgets.

My understanding is Volto is meant to be used in a folderish way which means that pages are folders and folder are pages and you enable blocks behaviour on both (or remove folders and only have pages). I'm not sure how this is being done in practice however since it is still helpful to have the concept of a folder vs a page for menu purposes?

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Perhaps as a stop gap measure, it would be great if this convention is better explained in docs.

First of all pages are per default folderish and with this feature can be used like folders.

But if some folders are needed to use default or custom folder views, I see two ways to go:

  1. Use a page if you want something folderish, that should show blocks.
  2. Write or reuse a view that can blocks and register it as an additional view for type folder.
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Thanks @ksuess I am going to try out your suggestion and see what makes most sense for my current project.

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