Decent video player for Plone 5.1?

What is a decent video player for Plone 5.1 that supports

  • video content stored as Plone 'File'
  • YouTube and/or Vimeo
  • a custom external video by its URL



this is exactly the use case of sc.embedder, and it's almost ready for Plone 5.

last time I tested it we had this bug that was breaking it:

so, if you figured out how to disable the registration of the plugin on Plone 5, it may work.

package is being used in many sites, including the one that survived to hold the legacy of the Olympics:

check out

Note, while uses a special Video object, rather than a generic File, it also stores in that object transcoded versions of the video (done by async) to make it compatible with various devices and closed captions etc. It's probably the nicest video player for plone 5 I believe.

But at least the TinyMCE integration under Plone 5 appears broken because TinyMCE settings remain untouched (no video styles).


that package looks nice; I want to review it later to see if we can get rid of maintaining sc.embedder by using it.