Debian 9.2 and plone 5.04

Helo, we need install last version Plone in Debian 9.2, We install all library, but when run .

root@deb1proxmox1:/opt/Plone-5.0.4-UnifiedInstaller# ./
select : standalone
Select :default path /opt/plone
select : random password

And in the next scree ; standalone \ │
│ --target="/opt/plone"

abort with message :

sudo utility is required to do a server-mode install.

the user is root in this process.

May be, Plone does not work in last Debian version ?

Thanks for any help about this situation

Try creating a user call plone.
Then give them "sudo" privileges.
Then attempt the install as the plone user.

Try installing sudo!

as root: "apt-get install sudo"

Thanks Steve i install sudo command and the installations scripts work fine.

Thanks very much.

Best Regards