Dead link in footer of [FIXED]

I recently setup the website, so I was checking up trademark information again and found a dead link on

In the footer of, where it says:

For guidelines on the permitted uses of the Plone trademarks, see

The link is dead. The correct link is at

What is HonePlone?

@zopyx It's a website I just recently made when I was deploying my first Plone website on DigitalOcean. I'll be using it for test purposes, and documenting my experience with Plone. I couldn't think of a domain name at the time, so I went with :smiley:

Keep the Plone trademarks and domain usage guidelines in mind.

@zopyx yes I did read up on them, and I definitely will :slight_smile:

@sgrepos thanks for reporting. The official process for reporting problems is to file an issue at

or cc @tkimnguyen :wink:

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@jensens thanks, next time I shall just cc @tkimnguyen :wink:

For now I went ahead and created an issue at and assigned @tkimnguyen to it :smiley:

Thx for finding and reporting this, @sgrepos matches identically but since the latter is now part of an archives folder I will create a Link from to

Need more coffee :slight_smile:

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This is done


@tkimnguyen :thumbsup: that was fast! Sorry, but I already found another dead link for you...on the addons page :laughing:

Opened an issue here:

On a roll Kim! :ok_hand:

Yeah fixed that too. Thx @sgrepos :slight_smile:

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