DataGridField using MixedField approach on Volto

Hi! So, I am creating a DataGridField on Volto, using the documented MixedField approach. However, I have a column that was previously (DataGridField) a Choice Field that used a custom vocabulary, and I don't know how to do that using this approach. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!

conta = schema.Choice(title=u"Tipo", vocabulary="intranet.vocabulary.rOptGroup")

I just want to know how would the field be like on the CustomWidget.jsx file, on this part:

const ItemSchema = {
    title: 'Custom-Entry',
    properties: {
        dataInsercao: {
            title: 'Date',
            widget: 'date',
        descricao: {
            title: 'Description',
        info: {
            title: 'Info',
        controlField: {
            title: 'Control Field',
        lineCreator: {
            title: 'User',
        role: {
            title: 'Role',

Thanks again!

I have never tried what you're trying to do, but I see your ItemSchema is missing the fieldsets and required properties, that would make it a valid schema.