DataGridField, control panel and images

Hi! any idea how to use a Named Image Field with DGF? I'm using it in the control panel, I can save it but I cannot find a way to display the image itself. What've is:

row = {'service_image': <plone.namedfile.file.NamedBlobImage object at 0x7f0ac3c486e0 oid 0x8f7dc in <ZODB.Connection.Connection object at 0x7f0acc511bd0>>,
 'title': 'My Service'}

Should have I to create a browser view just to print out row['service_image'].data or is there a way to get a sort of url out of it? I'm in the control panel, so I cannot use the scale @@images view or @@download view.

Before you continue: Check that you can edit the content with the datagrid-field (also without changing the image), having an image in a datagridfield is 'not working well' (but it might be that someone found a way resently (google this forum))

I've read the various posts. I'll avoid to use images, I'll use a RelatedField to refer an existing image.