Data.fs.snap? What is this good for?


I just found a Data.fs.snap with a date stamp of February in my ZODB folder (at my hoster).

I never saw a snap before. Anybody knows what this is good for? Or could this be from an external backup tool?


Maybe the bin/repozo script from ZODB create this. Not sure though, and I don't see anything in the ZODB code for this.

Are you sure it is not .snar with an r at the end? That may be used by tar with incremental backups. collective.recipe.backup is using that since version 4 when you have enabled timestamp backups. But it only uses it for the blobstorage, definitely not the filestorage. Do you use this recipe? I suppose there is a change that this points to an error in the recipe code, or an error in the buildout options.

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Thank you for your answer.

I use the following recipes:


I grepped the source code and did not find anything with snap.

Usually, when I need a copy of the production db, I pack it and then download the packed one.

But I recall that I once tried to copy the db in use (maybe with a tool or with cp), and maybe it was me to give the copied file the ending .snap?

Thank you for your help - I guess this topic can be closed.