Dash API Documentation Browser


Would be interesting to find out how to get Plone docs or API docs into this

Dash supports Sphinx generated docs

@tkimnguyen not really :slight_smile:

We had dash docssets for Plone 4, and something like a year ago or so we removed dash support.

According to our download stats, and user feedback almost no one was downloading and using them.

Dash support is still in the old as Plone 4 papyrus setup, but well, like I said comparing time and work effort to the user base (it was besides me one other user) does not cut it.

Because of that the docs team decided to do not create docsets anymore.

One other reason is that dash is macOS, the alternatives like zeal (linux) are working sometimes different, depending on your docs setup and sometimes these alternatives are also not in active development since some time.

Ah I wasn't aware of our past history with Dash.

@svx where can I find info on how to deploy our docs locally and play with Sphinx?

The best way to solve this for every OS is http://devdocs.io/ it#s browser based with offline support and works on every OS not only on the fruity one :wink:
It shouldn't be too hart to integrate our docs there. As the Python docs and many other docs already did.

@svx is papyrus still the way to go, or how do we handle local rendering of the docs now?
I mean I know Sphinx but I got lost on the the changes on the tool chain.
Can you point me to the right entry point?

Papyrus is in maintenance mode.

The new setup is based on https://github.com/testthedocs/coster and https://github.com/testthedocs/redactor.

Think is I am still way too busy with AI-Team stuff and that is why I still had no time to finish and push out the test and build setup.

I strongly advise against adding new stuff to papyrus, we spend a lot of time, effort and sweat on the new test and build infra.
I am sorry that there is not much to see in the repos yet, like I said I can't do docs and AI stuff at the same time.

One other thing is that we also have weekly/nightly container builds of the docs with the new setup.
I am using them already, works offline too and gets auto-updated with every build (depending on your setup).